SPA services can be applied in the privacy of your room or in our gazebos by the sea.

Reservations at least 3 hours in advance:

For cancellations, please do so at least 1 hour before your appointment to avoid a charge of 50% of the cost of the therapy requested.


A combination of diffused aromas in the air will give you a deep physical and mental rest in combination with a relaxing massage with essential oils.
60 min. US $ 120.00


On this special day for you, your skin deserves a facial, a body treatment to obtain a soft and smooth skin. A massage will make you feel free of stress will add joy to your day!
120 min US $ 260.00

Special Massage for Couples

Pamper yourself with a massage and the relaxing scents of aromatherapy. Share a bottle of sparkling wine next to your loved one, accompanied by one of the following options:
-Chocolate truffles.
60 min. US $ 288.00

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage increases flexibility and provides relief to aching muscles due to contractures caused by stress, poor posture, excess fatigue.
60 min. US $ 120.00
75 min. US $ 150.00

Massage Head, Neck and Back

A treatment that will provide immediate relief to the areas of your back and neck where the accumulation of stress is recurrent.
30 min. US $ 60.00
60 min. US $ 110.00

Lymphatic Massage

It is a technique in which all maneuvers are performed with gentle, slow and progressive mobilizations to help the body eliminate fluid retention and inflammatory disorders with lymphatic origin.

60 min. US $ 120.00

Prenatal Massage (Pregnant)

Gentle and delicate massage that will relax you immediately. Consenting your body, helping to relax the lower back and at the same time favoring blood circulation.
60 min. US $ 120.00

Hot Stone Massage

Enjoy a deep rest with our treatment that consists of relaxing your muscles with hot stones and aromatic oils, giving an immediate rest and relaxing with each smooth movement.

60 min. US $ 150.00

Relaxing massage

Conscious your body with this massage that is designed to eliminate tensions and reaffirm muscles and joints. Its invigorating and relaxing effect promotes blood circulation, lymphatic and elimination of toxins, this will help your body to rediscover its balance.
60 min. US $ 110.00
75 min. US $ 140.00


It is a treatment with exfoliation of grape seeds, thus giving a deep and moisturizing cleaning with a wine mask, ending with a rich massage to leave the skin beautiful.

75 min. US $ 150.00

VIP Combo

Pamper your skin with a rich refreshing facial and at the same time receive a massage that will leave behind all the fatigue, refreshing your skin and relaxing your body.

80 min. US $ 180.00